Things I Use Online

Swagbucks–I use this search engine to earn virtual currency that I then use to get Amazon gift cards (although you can use them for a lot of different things). Not the best search engine ever created, but the perks are nice!

Emeals–This is a $5 a month (prepaid in three-month increments) meal planning service that lets you choose what store you want to shop at and creates a weekly dinner menu and shopping list with prices right on the list! We love the recipes!

Pinterest–You’ve probably heard of it even if you don’t use it. You can pin this site to share or remember specific books I review or just the site in general, and you can even follow me if you care to! (I pin a lot of children’s books things, mostly related to this blog, and craft and kid party ideas.)

Follow Me on Pinterest

We Give Books–Although I blogged about this here, I figure having a permanent note about it on this page can’t hurt. GirlChild begs almost nightly for an online book from, and the cause is such a good one (donating books to charitable campaigns as diverse as World Vision and Out of the Blocks, an Olympic-themed cause) that it deserves frequent mentions. Give it a try with your child and pick out a charitable campaign you can be proud to support!


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