Themed Third Thursdays

Posted (strangely enough) on the third Thursday of each month, Themed Third Thursdays feature a collection of brief book descriptions that fit a particular theme, be it genre, author, illustrator, topic, what have you. I try to include as diverse (in regard to reading level, age range, style, etc.) a collection of books as possible within the theme so that every reader can find his or her book from the list. Please leave suggestions for future features in the comments!

New in September 2015, I’m including printable lists of the books from each theme in alphabetical order by author to facilitate themed library trips! I’m working to get all my old posts updated as well to include the printable themed book lists.

January 2012: Birthday Edition

February 2012: Bath Time Edition

March 2012: The Berenstains

April 2012: Sandra Boynton

May 2012: Fun Fourth Friday (oops!): Clean Up Edition

June 2012: Cinderella Edition

July 2012: The Body Edition

August 2012: Going to School Edition

September 2012: Apples

October 2012: Weather Edition

November 2012: Give the Gift of Books

December 2012: Ballet Edition

January 2013: Mo Willems

February 2013: Feelings Edition

March 2013: Fun on the Farm

April 2013: Poetry Edition

May 2013: Jon Scieszka

June 2013: Leaving Edition

July 2013: Book Lists Edition

August 2013: Alphabet Edition

September 2013: The Tooth Fairy Edition

October 2013: Bedtime Edition

November 2013: Trains Edition

December 2013: The Naughty List Edition

January 2014: Artists Edition

February 2014: Fun Fourth Friday: The Presidential Edition

March 2014: I’m A Big Kid Now

April 2014: The Green Edition

May 2014: Grandparents Edition

June 2014: Dabbling in Dinosaurs Edition

July 2014: Fun Fourth Friday: Inspired by Fairy Tales

August 2014: Let’s Eat!

September 2014: Anthropomorphic Animals

October 2014: Fun Fourth Friday: Halloween Book Blog Round-up

November 2014: Fun Fourth Friday: Andrew Clements

December 2014: An Incidental Christmas

January 2015: My Bin of Books

February 2015: Princess Possibilities

March 2015: Fun Fourth Friday: Out Like a Lamb

April 2015: April Showers

May 2015: This Is Series-ous

June 2015: Heroic Reads

July 2015: Fun Fourth Friday: Bugs and Crawly Things (Bugs and Crawly Things book list)

August 2015: Fun Fourth Friday: Bookworm Gardens (Bookworm Gardens book list)

September 2015: Dolls and Toyland (Dolls and Toyland book list)

October 2015: Fun Fourth Friday: Jacqueline Woodson (Jacqueline Woodson book list)

November 2015: SQUIRREL!!! (SQUIRREL!!! book list)

December 2015: Books Get Meta (Books Get Meta book list)

January 2016: Throwback: 1900-1909 (1900 to 1909 book list)

February 2016: Throwback: 1910-1919 (1910 to 1919 book list)

March 2016: Throwback: 1920-1929 (1920 to 1929 book list)

April 2016: Throwback: 1930-1939 (1930 to 1939 book list)

May 2016: Throwback: 1940-1949 (1940 to 1949 book list)

June 2016: Throwback: 1950-1959 (1950 to 1959 book list)

July 2016: Throwback: 1960-1969 (1960 to 1969 book list)

August 2016: Throwback: 1970-1979 (1970 to 1979 book list)

September 2016: Throwback: 1980-1989 (1980-to-1989-book-list)

October 2016: Throwback: 1990-1999 (1990-to-1999-book-list)

November 2016: Throwback: 2000-2009

December 2016: Fun Fourth Friday: Future Favorites: 2010-2016

DSCN6634Annual Christmas Book Lists/Reviews:

These lists have moved! Find the new, separate page for Christmas book reviews here!

cropped-dscn3254.jpgRandom Themes/Book Lists:

Valentine’s Day book list (2011)

Valentine’s Day book reviews (2013)





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