I am a freelance-proofreading stay-at-home mom, a trained librarian, and a former public school teacher. This blog was born because I love being a parent, but the teacher librarian in me is clamoring to be free!

Rushing to Read features full reviews of children’s books–old and new alike–from my weekly library visit with my children, a five-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl.  I also do monthly Themed Third Thursdays to showcase a collection of books for as broad a reader range as possible under a certain theme: a topic, author, illustrator, etc. I welcome suggestions for individual books and for potential themes to research, and I love to hear dialogue about children’s books as well, so comment away!

The images I include are from Amazon and link back to the product pages, but they are not affiliate links and should not employ the use of cookies or any other unsavory thing falsely named after something tasty.


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  1. I was given the Versatile Blogger Award and I would like to pass the Award on to you. There are details on my blog that explain it all. http://shellesplayschool.wordpress.com/ I hope you will play along!

    Happy blogging!

  2. margaretsmn

    Do you ever review independent books? My new young readers fiction book is available on Amazon, reviewed on this blog , and you can read the first chapter here:

  3. My husband just stumbled upon your blog today, and he immediately shared it with me. I’m also a stay-at-home mom and a trained librarian (and a very part-time freelance proofreader of crossword puzzles). I started blogging when I was working as a librarian, but lately I am shifting focus toward the books I share with my kids now (they are both girls, ages 1 and 3) and the books I hope to introduce to them in the future. My site is ReadAtHomeMom.com. I am really enjoying reading your recent posts, and I’m sure I’ll be dipping back into your archives as well. It’s so nice to discover a kindred blogging spirit. 🙂

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