We Give Books: Reading for Charity

We Give Books is a site for reading children’s books online for free, and they give back, too! This digital book collection features books published by Penguin and DK for which the authors have given permission to be shared in this digital format. For each book read by a registered reader (and it’s easy to sign up!), a book is donated to a literacy charity (from which you get to choose out of those currently participating). Books can be sorted and browsed in a variety of ways, including by age range and author name, and they can be searched by keyword as well. The books featured are a mixture of read-alouds and independent reading books for up to age 10. It’s easy, and the simple act of reading a book online can provide a book free of charge to a library or group in need.

GirlChild has chosen to hear these books so far, and she’s begging to read more!

(Click on the link beneath the image to go directly to the We Read Books copy of each title!)

We Give Books – Books.

We Give Books – Books.

We Give Books – Books.


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