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Themed Third Thursday: April Showers

Okay, so it’s been another one of those months. (Guess what! BoyChild gets to get his third set of ear tubes soon! Um, yay?) Instead of our regularly scheduled programming, I’m going to share websites and blogs with book lists and activities for rainy days!

17 Rainy Day Books for Kidshttp:// JDaniel4’s Mom shares seventeen picture and informational books about rain for younger readers and listeners. These range from Mo Willems’ Are You Ready to Play Outside? (an Elephant and Piggie book) to The Big Storm: A Very Soggy Counting Book. A good resource for rain-themed reading for preschool and early elementary aged children.Books About Puddles

Puddle Play Rainy Day Ideas: Fantastic Fun and Learning gathered a collection of links for rainy day activities (indoor and out!) and a list of puddle books for small children. A preschool or kindergarten teacher might find a rainy day saved with some of these ideas!

Umbrella Stories for Kids10 Umbrella Stories for All Types of Weather: This book list by Edventures for Kids has books for kids from preschool to middle school. I did not realize there was this kind of variety in books about umbrellas! (My personal favorite book that has an umbrella in it–be it ever so briefly–is Un Lun Dun, a great read for upper elementary and middle school readers!)

FREE Rainy Day Pre-K/K Pack: This Reading Mama 5 Rain-Themed Read Aloud Books | This Reading Mamashares a download that includes lesson plans and worksheets for the littles along with her list of five rain-themed read aloud books to go with the lessons. Looks like a great resource for homeschoolers and preschool and kindergarten teachers!

And for the grown-ups? Pretty much any book is a rainy day book! My favorite current series for adult readers is the Jane Austen Mysteries series by Stephanie Barron!


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