The Twelve Reviews of Christmas 2017: Day 11 Redux

2011: The Crippled Lamb, by Max Lucado with Jenna, Andrea, and Sara Lucado,
illustrated by Liz Bonham
2012: That’s the Spirit, Claude, by Joan Lowery Nixon, pictures by Tracey Campbell Pearson
2013: A Baby Born in Bethlehem, by Martha Whitmore Hickman, illustrations by Guiliano Ferri
2014: Santa’s Secret Helper, by Andrew Clements
2015: The Christmas Day Kitten, by James Herriot, illustrated by Ruth Brown
2016: A Christmas Goodnight, by Nola Buck, illustrated by Sarah Jane Wright

A Baby Born in Bethlehem is the book I think I like the best out of these. Although I don’t have a copy to reread, my previous review reminds me that it’s a seamless, embellished retelling of the nativity story with information gleaned from both Matthew and Luke. The illustrations, while not typically childish, are beautiful, and the story is best as a read-aloud shared with a child or a few children because it’s a little more complicated than a typical picture book.

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