The Twelve Reviews of Christmas 2017: Day 7 Redux

2011: Mousekin’s Christmas Eve, by Edna Miller
2012: 10 Trim-the-Tree’ers: A Holiday Counting Book, by Janet Schulman, illustrated by Linda Davick
2013: Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies, by Mélanie Watt
2014: Listen to the Silent Night, by Dandi Daley Mackall
2015: Where Did They Hide My Presents?: Silly Dilly Christmas Songs, by Alan Katz and David Catrow
2016: A Letter to Santa Claus, story by Rose Impey, pictures by Sue Porter

I really like several of these titles because they’re funny or just fun for kids to read, but my favorite title from Day 7 is Listen to the Silent Night. I always like a well-done nativity story, and this one actually stretches out the whole experience from Mary and Joseph setting off for Bethlehem to the shepherds and wise men doing the same. Its focus on the sounds means many actions are described, and it’s written in poem form, so reading it aloud while your child examines the beautiful pictures is a must!

Listen to the Silent Night


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