The Twelve Reviews of Christmas 2017: Day 2 Redux


2011: Fisher-Price Little People: Christmastime Is Here!
2012: A Newbery Christmas, selected by Martin H. Greenburg and Charles G. Waugh
2013: Counting to Christmas, by Nancy Tafuri
2014: Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy, by Daisy Meadows
2015: A Gift for the Christ Child, by Tina Jähnert, illustrated by Alessandra Roberti, translated by Sibylle Kazeroid
2016: Christmas in the Country, by by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Diane Goode

Once again, it’s hard for me to choose between books today! I think my favorite one personally is Christmas in the Country because of the nostalgia it invokes, but A Gift for the Christ Child and our manger-filling Christmastime activity (detailed in the post) win for what I think is the most meaningful story from the group! BoyChild has been very eager this year, at age six, to fill our little manger with strands of yarn for his selfless acts, and he seeks out opportunities to help out and be kind so he can put more in. His beaming pride at finding those moments when he can do the right or unselfish thing makes me even happier to be his mom! GirlChild, age nine, is currently less excited about it, possibly because she’s at kind of a transitional age, but BoyChild has been paying attention and wants to remind her when she does good, loving things so she, too, can add to the manger!

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