Don’t Let the Pigeon Be Your Cake!

Don't Let the Pigeon Be Your Cake!

This cake is an homage to Mo Willems‘ Pigeon books which BoyChild loves! This is his cake for his third birthday, and he now owns all the Scholastic storybook DVDs for the Pigeon books (and can quote The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! all the way through with GirlChild). (By the way, if you’re hoping to recreate this most awesome of cakes, it’s just a basic box of cake mix made into two 8 inch rounds and one cupcake. Frosted with Rick’s Special Buttercream Frosting (made with half butter-flavored Crisco and half unsalted butter for the shortening) tinted with Wilton’s Sky Blue food coloring gel (and I was a little heavy-handed with it, so it’s a little brighter than it ought to be) and basic yellow food coloring for the beak, I added the eye by making marshmallow fondant (subbing in marshmallow creme for the marshmallows and water, eliminating the vanilla (to keep it white), and mixing it all in a stand mixer), cutting it out with a coffee mug, and using a dab of frosting to attach an Oreo (or Oreo-like substitute) to the center. The beak is a cupcake cut in half with a little trimmed off each half to make it flat and frosted on all exposed sides (most before attaching it to the side of the cake with a toothpick in each part).) Pretty easy and totally fun, it’s a must for any Pigeon-themed party!



March 15, 2014 · 8:40 pm

3 responses to “Don’t Let the Pigeon Be Your Cake!

  1. What a great idea. I will definitely pass it along to some friends with younger children. I have the Corelle Crazy Daisy plates’ too!

    • Those things last forever! That set is my parents’ set, but it is the only set of dishes I ever remember us using ever since I was little. We got a set of the ivy print Corelle for our wedding over a decade ago, and we still have every piece intact!

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