Book Blog Recommendation: Ms. Yingling Reads

Ms. Yingling Reads

(image taken, of course, from the Ms. Yingling Reads blog with the express purpose of linking back to her blog!)

I stumbled across this blog today while checking Pinterest. (I guess those annoying “Related Pin” pins are worth something after all!) It got my attention because it was a link to her fantasy books list (and the image was intriguing), but when I read the tagline–“books for middle school students, especially boys”–I knew I’d need to share since that’s clearly an audience I don’t get to cover very often in this blog. The Ms. Yingling Reads blog goes back to 2006, and Ms. Yingling, a teacher librarian, writes reviews that feature a concise summary and an explanation of strengths and weaknesses of the book in terms of marketability to kids or classroom use. There are also lists of books for different genres or topics–adventure, fantasy, historical, humorous, and sports–with very brief summaries for quick picks. The blog also features a sidebar with links to other blogs and websites with books for boys and other book reviews and blogs that are worth exploring. If you are a teacher, librarian, or parent who is trying to get a middle school child (especially the boy variety, if the tagline is to be believed) to read age-appropriate material, this might be a good place to look! (I don’t guarantee that  you’ll find everything on the list age-appropriate–that’s an impossible task!–but “every book its reader” and all that! Enjoy!)



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2 responses to “Book Blog Recommendation: Ms. Yingling Reads

  1. Wow! This made my day! Thanks for the kind words.

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