The Game of Light, by Hervé Tullet

The Game of Light, by Herve Tullet

The Game of Light, by Hervé Tullet (2011)

We picked up a couple really fun books at the library today, but this one we saved for bedtime (for soon to be obvious reasons)!

Hervé Tullet is a French writer who  specializes in interactive books for children. (I reviewed Press Here in a previous post and noted that he is called the “prince of preschool books” in his native country (and with good cause).) The Game of Light is a board book with very brief text accompanied by cutouts on each page. Its main intended use is with a flashlight in a darkened room, but the cutouts and bright colors of the pages mean that reading through it in the light before the show begins is still a fun experience! Once the lights are out, using a single beam flashlight, shine the light through each page onto the walls or ceiling. This book might even inspire children to create their own cutout pages to make playing shadow puppets just a little more creative!

GirlChild and BoyChild’s Reactions: Both GirlChild and BoyChild loved this book! (GirlChild even asked if we could read it every night while we have it checked out!) They both enjoy doing shadow puppets with Daddy, so I knew that this extension of the concept would interest them. They share a room, so they each sat on a bed and watched as I turned the pages and moved the images around. You might also try reading each page again (using the flashlight, of course) before you project each image to refresh your listener’s memory. Our flashlight had two LED bulbs, and the images had ghost images from the second bulb, so make sure you use a flashlight with just one strong bulb for best results. The only complaint I have about the book is that the pages are a little too small and allow too much light to shine out around them when you’re creating the images. I would recommend for any young children still intrigued by shadow puppets and playing games with light (so, you know, any age). This might even be a good book to partner with Switch on the Night for a child who is still a little nervous about the dark and needs some encouragement to go to sleep at night.

Additional titles:

The Game in the Dark, by Herve Tullet

(a glow-in-the-dark option!)

The Game of Shadows, by Herve Tullet

(a book for storytelling with shadows)


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