Themed Third Thursday: Book Lists Edition

A lot of the boards I follow on Pinterest are, understandably, education and children’s literature related. I have found a virtual fountain of excellent books lists, and since I’m not too proud to accept that other people have good ideas about books (jealous, yes; too proud, no), I’m going to feature a few of those websites that I’ve found (mostly through Pinterest) that feature good book lists or reviews. You know, other than this one! 😉 Since we’re still in the process of getting ourselves settled in our new home right now, I’ll let other people do the heavy lifting of giving you a ton of good book ideas this month!

No Time for Flash Cards: This blog has four contributing writers who each have their own blogs or other blogs for which they write as well. Although I’m sure all their other categories are great (and you can browse by age or search the other tabs), what I’ve seen most of on Pinterest are their book lists…tons and tons of book lists! They have author showcases and themes from which to choose. This blog is a treasure trove for unit studies, story time planning, feeding kids’ obsessions, and teachable moments! An excellent source for parents and teachers.

best books for elementary kidsFeels Like Home Blog: While this blog has a lot of other topics, I found this book list recently and loved it (having loved almost all of the books listed either as a child or adult!). There’s no perfect way to find her other book lists (although there are quite a few), but you can search “books” in the Ligit Search box in the left sidebar of the blog to find her posts that are tagged as being about books. In addition to this list of 101 chapter books for kids, there is a list of 101 picture books, big sister books, and more. Another good resource, despite being a little harder to browse.

Read aloud chapter books for preschoolers and 3 year olds

What Do We Do All Day?: This blogger has a series of book lists for kids posted every Monday, and this particular list–50+ Chapter Books for Preschoolers and 3 Year Olds–caught my eye. It’s all about read-alouds that are age and attention appropriate, and teachers adore the parents who have taught their children the valuable skill of listening to books! 😉 I haven’t done enough long book reading to GirlChild (mostly because BoyChild spends our reading time crawling around on my head and the book, so focus is an issue), so I hope all the shorter books we’ve read will still benefit her perseverance in the listening category when she starts school! Here’s where you’ll find the rest of the lists–definitely worth exploring!

A Mighty Girl

A Mighty Girl: A Mighty Girl is a blog with the tagline: “The world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.” Since my family term, “spunky heroine,” doesn’t translate well in the UK, I think “mighty girl” is a good term! 😉 (I actually did a class project on this theme when I was in library school, albeit for YA readers only, but I’ve lost track of the web address of our list! So sad! And so glad to find this list!) I love, love, love reading aloud to kids (my mom always did when we were growing up, and as a teacher, mom, and librarian-in-waiting, I get a lot of practice!), and this list is a great start for parents and teachers who want to build up the mightiness in their girls. The books in the Top Read Aloud Books Starring Mighty Girls list represent a wide variety of different kinds of girls showing different kinds of strength from different eras and different genres and for different ages. (There are filters in the lefthand sidebar to help narrow down your choices–this is a long list!) I know I read many of these books independently as well, but it’s sometimes easier to get a child into a good, long book if you share it with her! The books tab has more recommendations for browsing (over 1,500!) by category or by using filters to find the right book, and it includes both fiction and nonfiction.

So, that covers the blogs I found on my All About the Books board on Pinterest with the lists I found the most helpful. If you have any suggestions for great book lists, leave a comment! I’m happy to crowdsource this topic during this busy, busy month!


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  1. I am so glad you found our site and love our book lists! It makes it so worthwhile to hear parents and teachers are finding them useful.

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