Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Themed Third Thursday for this month happens after the only February holiday small children care about (unless they get Presidents Day off of school! 😉 ), so I thought I’d go ahead and share a few new Valentine’s Day themed books ahead of time! (You can also check out my Valentine’s Day post from last year for other ideas–no reviews, though, just a list!)


Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine, by Sarah Weeks (2006, toddler/preschool): This cute book features animals (and one set of people!) and rhyme for sharing what different animals eat! A little rhyme (“Be mine, be mine, sweet valentine…for you a…”) with a flap to lift to reveal the end rhyme and the food that animal eats (including the dandy candy for the people rhyme!). Most preschoolers should be able to anticipate what is under the flap before you open it to read. Appears to be out of print, so check your library or consider buying used!

If You'll Be My Valentine

If You’ll Be My Valentine, by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Fumi Kosaka (2005, preschool/early elementary): The little boy creates perfect valentines for everyone in his home (including their pets!). The ABCDB rhyming pattern shares his special valentine promises for each member of his family, and the illustrations show him sharing time and a personalized way of showing love for each recipient. Very cute read for sharing valentine family love!

Louanne Pig in the Mysterious Valentine

Louanne Pig in the Mysterious Valentine, by Nancy Carlson (1985, preschool/early elementary): Louanne Pig receives a valentine in the mail from a secret admirer, and she spends her day finding out who she’s glad it isn’t! In the end, we figure out her dad sent it…but she is left dreaming. Kids love to get mail, but I’d recommend signing any valentine you send your kids so they don’t get all dreamy-eyed and instead know where the best love comes from at this age! 🙂

Rhyme Time Valentine

Rhyme Time Valentine, by Nancy Poydar (2003, elementary): Ruby loves Valentine’s Day and has already hand-made special valentines for everyone in her class. When the valentines blow away on her way to school, her day is nearly ruined, but she finds a way to share her love of the day with her friends anyway! This isn’t my favorite one of these books–I really am kind of unfond of conversation hearts and cheesy valentine rhymes in general–but the illustrations are very well done and engaging, and there are tons of rhymes and onomatopoeia words, so that helps make it a worthwhile read for young children. Includes a short tutorial for making heart-shaped valentine’s like Ruby’s.

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart, by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser (2009, preschool/elementary): Haven’t been able to get this one yet, but I’m fairly sure GirlChild–with her love of bling and her big vocabulary–will love it! Nancy gets a valentine and has to discover who sent it…all in Fancy Nancy style!

Happy Valentine’s Day (in advance!) to you and yours…make sure your little ones know you love them every day!


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