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Readers are thinkers, and thinkers need good answers to their questions! Whyzz (pronounced “wise”) is a website dedicated to answering kids’ questions about the world around them in simple, kid-friendly ways. The information is intended for kids ages 4-8, so parent involvement (as suggested by the tagline “whyzz parents raise wise kids”) is important for helping a child create good search terms, navigating the categories, or deciding how exactly to share with the child the information found based on the child’s needs and maturity. Unlike other random internet search results, the writers for Whyzz include bibliographic information from their research into answers to provide credibility for the information included and write in a manner that is sensitive to children’s needs. Categories include nature, culture, stuff we eat, and serious issues, among others, and there are subcategories within each. Questions can also be searched using keywords or phrases, and the FAQ section gives some hints for searching as well. Additionally, there is a slideshow on the homepage that links to the Answer of the Day, a question and answer from the monthly theme topic, and other relevant features and informational highlights. This website is a great resource for answering some of those questions that we parents (or teachers) might otherwise be tempted to answer with an “I don’t know!” or “Go ask your mother!” ;) (I used it to find out for GirlChild why bird poop is white (a very pressing question for her), the internet search I used that actually led me to stumble across this website!) Also available as an iPhone app for answers on the go!

(A link to this free online resource has been added to the Resources for Readers tab.)


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