Christmas Wrap-Up

(Ha! I see what I did there!)

In case you missed a day or just want to see all the Twelve Reviews of Christmas together to pick and choose, here’s the list!

12.  A Christmas Carol
11.  The Crippled Lamb
10.  The Christmas Story
9.  Merry Christmas, Mouse!
8.  The Secret Keeper
7.  Mousekin’s Christmas Eve
6.  Pippin the Christmas Pig
5.  A Houseful of Christmas
4.  My Merry Christmas: And the real reason for Christmas joy
3.  Countdown to Christmas
2.  Fisher-Price Little People: Christmastime Is Here!
1.  The Twelve Days of Christmas

There were some other great and/or interesting books that I didn’t get to share in the Twelve Reviews of Christmas–we spent a lot of time quarantined from the library in the last couple weeks because of sick children–but I wanted to toss out a few more ideas in case none of these hit the spot!

A Classic (and a classroom use guide):
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson
(For elementary readers and good listeners!)The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

A (Really) Unique Take:
We Were There: A Nativity Story, by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Wendell Minor
(I couldn’t check this out to review because I shuddered violently just touching the illustrations when I was trying to turn the pages to preview it! Perfect for your little entomologist!)

In Case You Didn’t Realize:
An Early American Christmas
, by Tomie DePaola
(Did you realize that in early America, Christians celebrating Christmas was a bit out-of-the-ordinary?)

Funny Animal Christmas Stories:
Olivia Helps with Christmas, by Ian Falconer
(It’s Olivia. Some kids just need Olivia for every season!)

Santa Cows, by Cooper Edens, illustrated by Daniel Lane
(This book is–yes, I’m going to do it, for my dad!–udderly ridiculous. In the spirit of Twas the Night Before Christmas, but with cows. And kitsch.)

Hark! The Aardvark Angels Sing: A Story of Christmas Mail
, by Teri Sloat
(Aardvark angels help deliver mail to all the corners of the earth. Really.
Set to music.)

A Little Alphabetical Latin Flavor:

N is for Navidad, by Susan Middleton Elya and Merry Banks, illustrated by Joe Cepeda
(The Spanish alphabet–including those “extra” letters ch, ll, ñ, and rr–is used to tell a story of the celebration of Christmastime in a Latino family. A pronunciation guide included for those who don’t speak Spanish!)

A Ballet in Book Form:

The Nutcracker, by Susan Jeffers
(A simple retelling of the traditional ballet with beautiful art by the illustrator of one of my favorite childhood books, All the Pretty Horses.)

A Favorite Christmas Villain:
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss
(Did you realize that there’s no mention of the Grinch being green in the book? Nor that he’s not any color at all in the illustrations? No? Time to break out the original instead of the movies, then!)

Hope you have a chance to make it to the library before Christmas (and that you find a few of these books on the shelf!). Have a very merry Christmas!
(Do you have any suggestions for great Christmas books I might not have included? Tell us in the comments!)



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6 responses to “Christmas Wrap-Up

  1. Gail Herbert

    I loved all the reviews and would love to own most of these books!

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