Fisher-Price Little People: Christmastime Is Here!, by Ellen Weiss

On the second day of Christmas, my blogger shared with me…
a Little People lift-the-flap treat!

Fisher-Price Little People: Christmastime Is Here!, written by Ellen Weiss
(2008, Reader’s Digest Children’s Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-7944-1694-2, ISBN-10: 0-79444-1694-2)
(2002, Reader’s Digest Children’s Books, ISBN-13: 978-1-57584-997-3, ISBN-10: 1-57584-997-6)

I don’t know why there are two versions of this book; they are completely identical apart from the cover, so if you find the 2002 version (with the green title) for cheaper than the $9.99, know that you’re getting the same thing either way!

Featuring the Fisher-Price Little People, this Christmas-themed lift-the-flap book is sure to be among a young child’s favorites for the season. The Little People prepare for Christmas by decorating, shopping, and playing outdoors while the North Pole bustles with activity on Christmas Eve. The illustrations are bright and busy, giving children plenty to pore over as they explore each page. As in most of the Fisher-Price books, many parts of the illustrations are labeled with appropriate vocabulary, from “wish list” to “toboggan” (the sled-like thing, not the hat), and each page also features a four-line ABCB rhyming stanza to describe the scene . Most pages contain about seven flaps to lift, and many flaps reveal a change from the original image, such as a snowman being completed or balls falling out of a display, while some simulate movement like opening a door or curtain to show what is behind it. The last spread of the book features a Christmas morning scene with twenty-five flaps (out of the total of “Over 50 Fun Flaps to Lift”) for a countdown to Christmas.

GirlChild’s Reactions: GirlChild owns several Little People toys and books, so she recognizes both the characters and some of the images of toys they slip into the drawings (like the dollhouse in the toy shopping scene), and she likes that. She also loves lift-the-flap books in general and Fisher-Price Little People lift-the-flap books in particular, so this is definitely one of her favorites. Two of her favorites, actually, since we own both versions. I’ve decided that’s a good thing because BoyChild is getting to the stage where he’s dangerous to flaps and anything else in the house that’s not tied down, and I’d hate not to have a copy of this book for the Christmas season.

I have loved Fisher-Price Little People since they were those armless plastic pegs back when I was a kid, and I find that Fisher-Price makes both quality toys and books, so I feel confident that anything we buy from them will be worth the money. The books are sturdy board books with very heavy-duty flaps, so tearing is less of an issue with these than with some other lift-the-flap books. While this book isn’t exactly a heartwarming seasonal tribute, it’s a fun novelty book for little ones to read with a parent or explore alone.

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