Pressed for Words

I want to read, and I want to write. I want to write about reading. I quit my teaching job to stay home with my daughter (GirlChild) three and a half years ago, and I earned my degree in Library and Information Sciences a year and a half ago. My son (BoyChild) arrived earlier this year. Going back to work (other than the freelance proofreading I do now) began to seem a more and more distant possibility, and I began to fear that I wouldn’t be in the library loop anymore once I was ready to return to work.

Enter the blog.

I got the idea that after library day each week I could do a full review of one of the books we bring home and read together. GirlChild in particular loves us to read to her, and I will definitely record her response to what we read as well as my impressions. I’ll try to do a mixture of random selections off the shelf and new books that I specifically choose to keep up-to-date. I hope someone finds this blog and likes what I have to say, and if I can help parents find great books for their families, I have done my job!

Happy reading!


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